Friday, 13 April 2012

2012 Regional Council

Here's a picture of the 2012 regional council who attended last night's meeting.  Also, the March meeting minutes have been posted on the Important Documents page.

Members of North Vancouver Regional Council April 12, 2012

Front Row (L to R): Judy Brear (St. Agnes), Christine Rowe (St. Catherine), Carine Frisch (St. Clare), Dora Harvey (St Catherine), Darlene Clarke (St. Martin), Kathy Campbell (St. Agnes)

Back Row (L to R):  Laurie Dye (St. Clare), Kim Staus (Gloria Dei), Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles (Chair), Alison Brookfield (St. John), Phil Sunderland (St. Catherine), Penny Connell (St. John), John Stowe (St. Clement), Dana Bowman (Diocesan Council Rep), Jim Berger (Gloria Dei), Stephen Muir (St. Agnes).

Not shown:  Lynda Faivre-Duboz, Lynne McNaughton, Mike Nelson, Delayne Sartison, Sarah Tweedale

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