Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Eco/Social Justice Update

The Eco/Social Justice Group of the North Vancouver Deanery met on 22 January, 2013 and worked on the following matters:

  • The Deanery group has been invited to hold a training session on the Living Wage.  Gail Berger, the Eco/Social Justice representative from Gloria Dei Lutheran, will be coordinating this.
  • The group is working to make and maintain contact with!other groups with similar interests.  During the Spring, the group will make arrangements to show the DVD “On the Line” which is a independent video made by 2 North Shore men who travelled the route of the Northern Gateway (Enbridge) pipeline from the Oil Sands in Alberta to Kitimat and the waters of the Pacific. 
  • You can see Robyn Allan, economist and speaker about the Northern Gateway Project giving a talk about pipeline economics
  • The Deanery Group supports Idle No More and representatives are gathering information on events so that more people can be aware and attend them.   One website to follow is the Tanker Free BC
  • 17-22 September 2013, the Diocese will participate in National Truth and Reconciliation events here in Vancouver.   More information about this soon

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