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October 2013 Regional Council Minutes

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Minutes of the Regional Council of North Vancouver (Anglican and Lutheran churches)
Thursday, October 10, 2013
St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church 

St. Agnes:  Kathy Campbell, Stephen Muir
St. Catherine:  Laurie Dye, Christine Rowe
St. Clement:  John Stowe, Lynne McNaughton
St. John:  Alison Brookfield
St. Martin:  Darlene Clarke, Sarah Tweedale
Gloria Dei:  Jim Berger
Mount Olivet: Barbara Mayer, Katalin Janko
NV Diocesan Council Representative:  
Youth Coordinator: Andrew Halladay
Chair:  Lynne McNaughton

  1. Welcome/regrets: Regrets from Alison Watt, Patrick Blaney, Laurel Dykstra, Ian Thomas and Gerhard Preibisch.
2.   Opening prayer – Lynne McNaughton

3. Agenda - Agenda was approved as presented.

4.   Minutes - M/S/C that the Minutes of the September 12, 2013, meeting be adopted as amended.

5.   Business arising from minutes - None
6.   Reports: 
6.1 Community Engagement
Lynne McNaughton indicated that the Community Engagement group needs new members and requested Regional Council to recommend participants.  Stephen Muir reported on the Emergency Preparedness Workshop at St. Agnes organized by a member of the Community Engagement team from St. Agnes.  It was successful with 40 people attending. It is recommended that Patrick and the Community Development team be asked to coordinate more Emergency Preparedness Workshops in the future.  The Youth Safe House project is continuing and has been well-received.

ACTION – Regional Council members to advise Patrick Blaney of new participants for the Community Engagement team.  Patrick to contact Mount Olivet to let them know what is needed for the Youth Safe House project.  

6.2 Youth and Family Ministry
Andrew Halladay reported that Laurel Dykstra’s job regarding youth ministry has concluded. Andrew is organizing a Fall youth event (age 8 to 25) at St. Catherine’s on Sunday, October 27th.  Each worshipping community is contributing to the event.  Future events are planned to meet the needs of different age groups. The Regional Christmas pageant will be held at Gloria Dei on December 22nd.  Andrew requested costumes for the pageant.  Auditions for Sound of Music will be held in November.

Andrew is liaising with youth leaders in the Diocese on programming ideas and he attended the Taize workshop with Brother Emile.  There is an opportunity for a worshipping community in the region to host a Taize-style workshop.  Andrew offered to preach at any church or have a pulpit switch.  He advised that Camp Artaban Is not currently operating and fundraising is still underway. The national Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth will be meeting in Kamloops in the summer of 2014.

Stephen reported that there is a system in place for funding the youth coordinator for the fall and funds are being sent to St. Agnes. The region will present a proposal to the Diocese for matching funding.  Both parish councils and the Diocese will need information on the youth program plan for 2014 prior to committing funds.

Mount Olivet is committing $2,000 for the Youth Coordinator position for 2014.

ACTION:  Worshipping communities to assist in providing costumes for the Christmas pageant. Stephen to provide the funding amounts for each parish council to consider for their 2014 commitment.  Andrew to provide a draft 2014 Youth Coordinator program plan to Regional Council, prior to circulating to parish councils to consider as they commit to 2014 funding.

6.3 Ministry Team
Lynne McNaughton provided an update on the ministry team meeting on October 10th.  The team finalized a covenant on working together. The composition of the ministry team will be reviewed going forward including an evaluation of the curate position as Laurel’s term concludes in June and whether the region would like to have a future curate.  Also, a review is proposed for the shared ministry roles and definition of the regional role for a canonical process at St. Martin’s.  A pulpit exchange is planned for January 26th.  

A regional ministry and program calendar was circulated.  A non-Sunday morning worship for the region was discussed.  Sarah Tweedale extended an invitation for the region to participate and help plan “messy church” (dinner and free-form activities) events at St. Martin’s on Friday, October 25th at 5:30 pm and on Friday, November 22nd.  

Stephen Muir indicated the need to engage in a planning process to develop a new Ministry Plan for the region.  Jim Berger recommended preparing some documents on the experience of being a region and Lynne suggested that the example of our region be included on the national Joint Lutheran-Anglican website.

ACTION: Lynne McNaugton.  Ministry team will be reviewing its composition, including an evaluation of the curate position, as well as the shared ministry roles and definition of the regional role for a canonical process at St. Martin’s.

ACTION:  Sarah Tweedale to circulate information on the Messy Church events at St. Martin’s.  Schedule “Ministry Plan” as an agenda item for the next Ministry Team meeting and for one hour at the November Regional Council meeting. Stephen to circulate an assessment of the Ministry Plan prior to the next meeting.

6.4 Edgemont/Capilano
Jim Berger reported that a special Congregational meeting at Gloria Dei on September 29th passed the following motion:
That Gloria Dei Lutheran and St. Catherine’s Anglican Capilano discuss and develop concrete proposals for sharing resources (program, worship, ministry staff and facilities) for the implementation of an area-based ecumenical shared ministry in the Edgemont/Capilano area.  As specific proposals are prepared, they will be brought back to the congregations for discussion and approval.

Jim emphasized that concrete proposals will be coming forward for approval.  Christine Rowe outlined that a Special Vestry will be held at St. Catherine’s on November 3rd to present the same motion.

A joint Thanksgiving Dinner is being held and both churches are working with Highlands United and Capilano United to join together for “Lighting of the Village” and pulpit exchange among these four churches

6.5 Lynn Valley Working Group
Lynne McNaughton reviewed that the developer Marcon is putting together a more detailed proposal for review by the Lynn Valley Working Group regarding the relocation of the existing Lynn Valley United Church childcare centre to a site at St. Clement’s in order to preserve the daycare spaces.  The District of North Vancouver has approved a new zoning plan for Lynn Valley Village which will increase the density in this neighbourhood with the allowance for 5 to 7 storey buildings.   

6.6 Eco Social Justice Working Group
Christine Rowe reported for Laurel Dykstra on the events for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The Eco Justice Community Forum on Pipelines featuring Robyn Allen will be held on Thursday, November 14th at St. Catherine’s . The region has joined the Metro Vancouver Alliance and will be participating in a listening process on the pressing needs in the community. The Eco Justice Group is expanding to include representatives from the United Church and other faith traditions.

ACTION: Representatives are needed for the Eco Justice Working Group from St. Martin’s, St. John’s and Mount Olivet.

6.7 Diocesan Council
Diocesan Council met on October 8th. Through the Re-connect Task Force, Lynne McNaughton advised that there has been a review of Deanery boundaries and the North Vancouver Deanery remains unchanged.  Stephen Muir advised that the Diocesan Profile has been posted on the Diocesan website and information about the Electoral Synod is also available. The Canons are very restrictive in terms of timelines for the process. It has been recommended that the Canons be reviewed following this election.

7. New Business - none
8. Information

8.1 Regional Youth event will be held on Sunday, October 27th at St. Catherine’s. All ages of youth are invited to participate.
8.2 3rd Annual Dinner Out - Mount Olivet is organizing the 3rd Annual Dinner Out on December 4th at Andreas Restaurant (info sheet circulated).  The event is open to the region to participate.

8.3 St. Martin’s Market is being held from 10 to 2 pm on November 2nd. Lori Blockberger’s Outreach Lunch at St. Martin’s is being held on October 21st and the cost is $10.00.

8.4 Serious Sweaters – Barbara from Mount Olivet is collecting new and gently used sweaters for Syria for Lutheran World Relief – due date is ASAP as they need to be shipped to Winnipeg by October 31st.

8.5 Laurie Dye reported that the closing date is changing for St. Clare. Laurie has four tables that St. Agnes will take.

9. The meeting closed with prayer and adjourned at 9 pm.

Next meeting:
Thursday, November 21st at St. Catherine’s Anglican Church, 1058 Ridgewood Drive

Deadline for agenda items - Thursday, November 14th

IMPORTANT DATES COMING UP – provide dates of events and meetings to Mike Nelson and Stephen Muir

October 19 - Regional Spiritual Gifts Discernment Workshop, 9 am to noon, St. Clement’s
October 26 – Anti-racism Policy Training, 9 am to 5 pm at St. Catherine’s (Diocesan requirement)
October 27 – Fall Youth Event, 6:30 pm St. Catherine’s
October 29 – Night of Testimonies, 7:30 pm St. John’s
November 2 – Readers and Intercessors Workshop, 10 – 11:30 am, St. Martin’s
November 14 – Eco Justice Community Forum on Pipelines, 7 to 8:30 pm at St. Catherine’s
November 30 – Electoral Synod

All Deanery events are listed on the North Vancouver Deanery Blog Calendar http://northvandeanery.blogspot.ca/

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