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February Meeting Minutes

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Minutes of the Regional Council of North Vancouver (Anglican and Lutheran churches)
Thursday, February 13, 2014
St. Clement’s Church 

St. Agnes:  Kathy Campbell, Stephen Muir
St. Catherine:  Laurie Dye, Christine Rowe
St. Clement:  John Stowe
St. John:  Alison Brookfield, Patrick Blaney
St. Martin:  Darlene Clarke, John Firmston
Gloria Dei:  Jim Berger, Gerhard Preibisch
Mount Olivet:  Sharlene Hertz
NV Diocesan Council Representative: Ian Thomas
Curate:  Laurel Dykstra
Youth Coordinator:  Andrew Halladay
Chair:  Lynne McNaughton

  1. Welcome/regrets: Regrets from Alison Watt and Katalin Janko. John Firmston was welcomed to the Council.

2.   Opening prayer – Lynne McNaughton

3. Agenda - Agenda was approved.

4.   Minutes - M/S/C that the Minutes of the January 9, 2014, meeting be adopted as amended.

5.   Business arising from minutes

6.   Reports: 
6.1 Edgemont/Capilano
Jim Berger reported on the joint St. Catherine’s-Gloria Dei meeting held on January 23rd and it was a very positive experience. The Facilities and Program working groups reported back. Since then, Gloria Dei has had an annual meeting and reported back to the parish.  The Worship working group has met and reviewing next steps. Gloria Dei and St. Catherine’s facilities are being measured and evaluated. Delbrook Baptist has been sold to the tenants and is no longer an option.  All models of shared ministry are currently on the table and being considered.

Stephen Muir suggested that there be a plan to include the Diocesan Ministry and Congregational Development Committee in the updates. Christine advised that she has already apprised Douglas Fenton of the process underway.

ACTION: Lynne will include an update on this process in her Archdeacon’s report to the new Bishop.
6.2 Lynn Valley Working Group
Patrick Blaney advised that the group is still waiting for a further response from the District of North Vancouver on moving the daycare from Lynn Valley United to St. Clement’s.  The District is asking for a 20 year contract so further negotiation is pending.

Lynne reported on the joint meeting between St. Clement’s and Mount Olivet held mid-January. It was a positive opportunity for open discussion.  Mount Olivet had proposed at their annual meeting to engage a community outreach worker to bring more relevance in the community and it was approved.  Sharlene is seeking assistance in hiring a person (Laurel or Lynne to assist) and it will take some months.  St. Clement’s will be sharing their community needs assessment with Mount Olivet.

ACTION: Patrick to set up another meeting with the District of North Vancouver.

6.3 Community Engagement
Patrick Blaney advised that a plan for community engagement and congregational development in the region will be reviewed with the development of the new Ministry Plan.

6.4 Eco Social Justice Working Group
Laurel Dykstra discussed the last meeting held on January 20th at St. Andrew’s United Church. There was good ecumenical and inter-faith participation. Metro Vancouver Alliance representatives were the guest speakers.  They talked about the grass roots listening underway that will be used to set community priorities.  MVA will have its official launch on March 19th at 7 pm at the Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver, during which MVA will name the issues they will be working on in 2014.

Other activities of the Eco-Justice group include support for Jose Figueroa in sanctuary in Langley, vigil for Lucia Jimenez who died in an immigration holding cell at the airport and observers for El Salvadorian elections.  Laurel is participating in planning a National Anti-Racism training session at Rosemary Heights. An official launch of the film on generational lives of residential school survivors will take place at SFU Harbour Centre on March 12th at 7 pm. Cheryl Mitchell from St. Martin’s is joining the group.

ACTION: St. John’s to find a representative to the committee.

6.5 Diocesan Council
Ian Thomas circulated a summary report about the Diocesan Council meeting held on Tuesday, February 11th. Key items were preparation for the installation of the new Bishop Melissa Skelton on March 1st at the Vancouver Convention Centre East; review of the process for Search and Nomination for a new bishop; approval of the Boundaries Task Force chaired by Lynne McNaughton; and recommendation that MAP not be a mandatory process for parishes.  Dates to be noted include April 30th deadline for the Order of New Westminster nominees, June 22nd Diocesan Confirmation, and June 29 Ordination to the Diaconate and Priesthood led by Bishop Melissa.

ACTION : Ian will circulate his report to worshipping communities to include in their bulletins.
6.6 Ministry Team
Lynne McNaughton reported that the Regional Ministry Team met on February 13th. Shared Ash Wednesday services will be held on March 5th at 7:30 am at St. Clement’s, noon at St. Agnes and 7:30 pm at St. Catherine’s or Gloria Dei (location to be announced).  Interim
RIP sessions are underway at St. Agnes’.

Minister John Firmston has been appointed to St. Martin’s during their canonical process. The Committee briefly discussed the St. Martin’s Canonical process. The parish profile is almost completed and will go forward to the Diocese to seek a 75 % time priest.
6.7 Youth and Family Ministry
Andrew Halladay spoke about the success of the new Open Gym program at St. Catherine’s.
Andrew recently attended the DAYM winter retreat Keep Calm and Wait for God at Sorrento for ages 13 to 25 years.  Two sleepover events will be taking place this spring at St. Clements for children in Grade 4 to 7 - Saturday, March 8th, dinner & sleepover and service on March 9th and also on Saturday, April 12 and 13th. Andrew is also assisting with the Fabulous Fridays at St. Martin’s for younger children.

Planning is underway with Patrick Blaney for an evening prayer service for young adults.  Andrew is also working with Stephen Muir on an alternate eucharist service to begin in May. A meeting will be held at St. Agnes on Sunday, February 16th at 5 pm to discuss this further (dinner provided).

The Ministry Team has discussed the expectations around youth ministry in the region. Andrew presented an overview of Youth Ministries (ages 9 to 19) and Family Ministries. The roles include the following for both Youth and Family Ministry:  Leader (event planning and working with volunteers), Worker (pastoral role to help a family or young person with issues) and Coordinator (linking people and parishes together, regional events and networking outside the region).  Andrew needs assistance to deliver on this large mandate. In addition to Andrew’s position, there could be additional resources to grow youth ministry, augment youth programming and train leaders.   There is a need to differentiate between a collaborative regional event and a parish event to which others are invited.   With Andrew’s involvement, the youth have an opportunity to meet each other at regional youth events and build bonds.

Andrew emphasized that everyone needs to be engaged in youth ministry –by praying for the youth by name, posting a picture of Andrew and building trust.  Darlene mentioned that the success of a youth leader is a strong caring person of trust who connects with youth, especially when they may be experiencing challenges.

Gerhard talked about his conversation with the Ismaili community next door to Gloria Dei and a meeting has been arranged for Andrew to meet with them.
7. New Business

7.1 Ministry Team evaluation

The Council divided into small groups to discuss the Ministry Team roles in the region and how they support the five Marks of Mission.

Saturday, March 22nd will be a Ministry Plan review day at St. Catherine’s from 9 am to 3 pm with Ruth Monette facilitating.  The entire region will be invited to participate.  Darlene requested a poster of the event for common advertising.

ACTION: A task group including Lynne McNaughton, Stephen Muir, Kathy Campbell and Ian Thomas will meet with Ruth Monette to plan the workshop.

7.2 Regional Council Evaluation

Lynne circulated a North Vancouver Regional Council Evaluation for 2013/14

ACTION:  All members of Regional Council to complete the evaluation form and provide it to Lynne McNaughton or Stephen Muir.

8. The meeting closed with prayer and adjourned at 9:04 pm.

Next meeting:
New Regional Council inaugural meeting - Thursday, March 13th at Gloria Dei, North Vancouver

Deadline for agenda items - Thursday, March 6th – to be sent to Alison Watt

IMPORTANT DATES COMING UP – provide dates of events and meetings to Mike Nelson and Stephen Muir
February 16 – Alternative Eucharistic Planning 5-7 pm at St. Agnes
March 1 – Consecration of Bishop Melissa (afternoon) Vancouver Convention Centre and Christ Church Cathedral.
March 8 – Diocesan Stewardship and Community, Case Studies in Stewardship – St. Agnes’
March 13 – Inaugural meeting of the 2014/15 Regional Council, 7 pm Gloria Dei
March 22 – Regional Council Ministry Plan meeting for the region

All Deanery events are listed on the North Vancouver Deanery Blog Calendar

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