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June 2014 Minutes

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Minutes of the Regional Council of North Vancouver (Anglican and Lutheran churches)
Thursday, June 12, 2014
St. Catherine’s Anglican Church 

St. Agnes:  Kathy Campbell, Judy Brear
St. Catherine:  Laurie Dye, Christine Rowe
St. Clement:  Robin Hinnell
St. John:  Raili Mazurek ,  Patrick Blaney
St. Martin:  Dana Bowman, John Firmston
Mount Olivet:  Barry Anderson
Gloria Dei: Gerhard Preibisch, Jim Berger
Capilano Archdeaconry Diocesan Council Representative and Regional Council Secretary: Ian Thomas
Chair:  Alison Watt

Regrets: Lynne McNaughton, Stephen Muir and Katalin Janko

  1. Opening hymn and prayer – Christine Rowe

  1. Approval of Agenda:  M/S/C that the agenda be approved as circulated with the proposed timelines for the meeting.  John Firmston volunteers to be the time keeper for the meeting.

  1. Minutes of May 8, 2014: M/S/C that the minutes of the May 8, 2014 meeting be approved, with an amendment noting Regrets had been sent by Christine Rowe.

  1. Business Arising from the Minutes of the May 8 meeting:

Alison enquired as to whether there remained any outstanding issues associated with the evaluations of herself and Council, conducted back in February. None were identified.

  1. New Business:

5.1 Interim Report for Diocesan Council consideration: Patrick and Alison shared the latest version of the Interim Report and invited feedback from members. A relatively few minor suggestions were made (and these were reflected in a revised version sent out to all members within a couple of days of the meeting). It was decided that all Parish Councils (and the Lutheran church committees) will be asked to signify their concurrence with the interim report and for the feedback/approval to be received, by Lynne and Alison, no later than September 1, 2014.  Patrick offered thanks to the Chair for assisting with the coordination of the proposal.

M/S/C that the draft be approved as amended.

5.2 North Vancouver Youth Ministry Coordinator Revised Position Description

Christine shared the draft position description, developed to reflect Regional Council’s wishes and the comments and suggestions made by the previous incumbent, Andrew Halladay. Members provided feedback and the revisions were noted and would be incorporated in the revised posting. Applications will be sought up to July 2, with interviews between July 6 and 12 and anticipated commencement by August 15. Christine proffered thanks to Laurel Dykstra for her involvement in the development of this position description. Ian informed members that the Diocesan Council had, earlier in the week, approved the move to seek a Diocesan Youth Ministry Coordinator, therefore the need for the North Vancouver person to work closely with this new appointment for the Diocese.

  1. Reports

6.1 Diocesan Council: Ian Thomas provided a short overview of the meeting, held earlier that week. Of significance was the fact that the Council is now more streamlined, in terms of process matters and membership make-up.
6.2 Ministry Team: A lunch had been held that day to say goodbye to Laurel, the Regional Curate, whose term expires at the end of the month.
6.3 Curacy: Christine shared the St. Catherine’s report on the Deanery Curacy 2012-14.
6.4 Lynn Valley Working Group: Lynne and Patrick had met and will be holding a brainstorming session soon to identify possible new initiatives.
6.5 Edgemont/Capilano Working Group: Jim and Christine informed members that a number of meetings had been held including a recent combined evening session to discuss levels, depths and speed of initiatives, with a strong consensus at all for continued work on possible linkages between the two worshipping communities.
6.6 Eco/Social Justice Working Group: The North Van reps are focusing on child poverty and environmental issues, at the same time as participating in the MVA advocacy areas.   John Firmston expressed some concerns that the Diocese had not yet divested itself of holdings in oil companies. He will follow up on this.

  1. New Business: John Firmston suggested the Council might wish to look at measures to improve communication within Regional Council, and among the worshipping communities and their members, possibly using a facilitator to assist.

  1. Information Items: July 10 meeting of Council may be cancelled if agenda items do not warrant a meeting.

  1. Closing Prayer and adjournment.  Christine led the group in the saying of the Grace. The  meeting was adjourned at 8.40 pm

Deadline for agenda items - Thursday, July 3 – to be sent to Alison Watt

All events are listed on the North Vancouver Deanery Blog Calendar  

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