Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Highlands United Church - Coordinator Position

Highlands United Church is seeking a full time person to Co-ordinate the children, youth, young adult and church social media ministry.  This person will be responsible for the successful coordination of a full range of programming for children, youth and young adults at Highlands United Church and managing the social media needs of the church.    Applications will be received until May 22, 2015 with an anticipated beginning date of July 1, 2015.  Applications shall be directed to Search Committee, c/o Rev. Cheryl Black, 3255 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver, B.C. V7R 2P1.  In church talk, this is a Congregationally Designated Position.  Full Position description available on web page

Details of the position are included below.Position Description

JOB TITLE:              Coordinator of Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministry & Church Social Media
JOB SUMMARY:    Responsible for the successful coordination of a full range of programming for children, youth and young adults at Highlands United Church and managing the social media needs of the church.  
Job Category:                        Congregational Designated Minister
Sunday Morning / Children’s Programs
1.      Reviews and recommends Sunday morning faith curriculum for children from preschool through to grade 12.
2.      Ensures that classes are staffed for all Sundays, including holidays.  Recruits, trains, and supports Sunday school teachers.  Ensures teachers have the tools they need to be successful.
3.      Communicates with parents and youth regarding Sunday morning and other programs for children and families.  Keeps accurate records of attendees.  Connects with new families. 

4.       Fosters relationships between children and families.  Plans and organizes special events.

5.       Participates in worship with children, youth and young adults as requested.

Youth and Young Adults
6.      Coordinates youth programming, including recruiting and supporting youth leaders.  Ensures that youth programming and youth groups reflect a balance of faith, fun and service.
7.      Supports youth involvement in the greater community and wider church.  Keep up-to-date on retreat and program opportunities beyond Highlands United. Facilitates the participation of young adults and youth in outside opportunities. 
8.      Coordinates discovery trips for youth during school breaks.

Summer Children & Youth Programs
9.      In consultation with ministry staff, plans and coordinates summer programming for children and youth.
10.  Facilitates the hiring process of summer staff. 
11.  Promotes summer programs and administers the registration for these programs.

12.  Working with staff, helps to develop a comprehensive social media presence. Maintains the church’s face book page, the Senior youth face book page and other social media outlets.  Keeps up-up-to-date on the changing world of social media. 
13.  Explores new ways to communicate with youth and young adults. 
14.  Engages with the congregation to document our culture through the use of blogging, film, photography or other means. 

1.                  A university degree in theology, education, recreation or social sciences or equivalent.
2.                  Experience working with children, youth, young adult, ideally in a church setting.
3.                  Training and / or experience managing social media effectively.
4.                  An understanding and appreciation of mainline Christian church theology and practice, preferably in the United Church.
5.                  Experience coordinating people and projects.
6.                  Experience managing multiple commitments and timelines.
7.                  Familiarity with contemporary Christian music would be an asset. 

i)                    A genuine love and appreciation of children, youth and young adults and their gifts.
ii)                  Ability to communicate using various media across generations.
iii)                Ability to work with supervision, with the self-awareness to seek coaching, support and advice as required.
iv)                Fun loving with an ability to connect with youth & young adults.
v)                  Ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

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