Friday, 11 December 2015

November Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Regional Council of North Vancouver (Anglican and Lutheran churches)
Thursday, November 12, 2015
Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church

St. Agnes:  Kathy Campbell, Stephen Muir (Co-Chair)
St. Catherine:  No representative
St. Clement:  Robin Hinnell
St. John:  Patrick Dean
St. Martin:   Robin Ruder-Celiz, Colleen Wright
Gloria Dei: Jim Berger (Co-Chair)
Mt. Olivet: Barry Anderson, Carolina Glauster
Youth Ministry Coordinator: Liz Ruder-Celiz
Capilano Archdeaconry Diocesan Council Representative and Regional Council Secretary: Ian Thomas

Regrets: Dana Bowman, Patrick Blaney, Jennifer Marlor, Heather Peacock, Gordon Dominey and Lynne McNaughton.

  1. Welcome and introductions: Jim called the meeting to order at 7.02pm and requested members introduce themselves.

  1. Approval of Agenda:  M/S/C that the agenda, distributed by email, be approved, with the addition of Multi-Faith Calendar and Next Meeting Proposal to New Business and the movement of Youth Ministry Program to Business Arising.

  1. Minutes of October Meeting: M/S/C the Minutes of the October 8, 2015 meeting be approved as circulated.

  1. Business Arising:
    1. Discussion of “Working Groups”: Robin H provided members with the context and background to his paper outlining a possible structure for future regional work in North Vancouver. Noting one of the critical outcomes of the February 2015 Meeting, namely the importance of leadership, and that the Council, in its current form had no formal accountability or authority, the concept of leadership by influence becomes critical. Speaking to the idea of Special Initiative and Special Focus Groups, with specific objectives, targeted action and clear goals, Robin H felt such would provide a more effective role for the North Vancouver Anglican and Lutheran churches. Members spoke positively of the idea, emphasizing the importance of communications in ensuring the work of the groups was communicated, in a timely fashion, to all participating parishes and its members.

M/S/C that this explanatory model/tool be shared with all parishes, with a covering contextual letter from the co-Chairs.

    1. Communications Committee: Carolina offered to temporarily chair and convene an initial meeting of those interested in serving on a Communications Committee, requesting that all members provide names from each of the parishes as to who might be interested in serving on this committee (noting that interested parties did not necessarily need to be existing Regional Council members). The names of Mike Nelson and Randy Murray were suggested to provide valuable input to Committee (and possible membership)

    1.   January Program Planning Meeting: Stephen agreed to chair the group and suggested January 23, at St. Agnes, as the location for the initial meeting of this group. Jim, Lynne and Stephen will meet to develop an agenda for the day, with Stephen ensuring all members receive a copy of his paper distributed at the last meeting.

    1. Refugee Sponsorship Steering Committee: Kathy, in absence of Heather, along with Stephen, whose wife, Shannon, have been serving on the local committee updated members on the progress to-date in seeking refugees who could be considered for sponsorship in North Vancouver. Reference was made to possible fund-raising events – ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’ and/or a Hoedown in the Spring. Robin+ informed members that St. Martin’s would be formalizing their involvement at their November Parish Council meeting. The organizing committee will be sending out an email to parishes suggesting a Refugee Support budget line item might be considered in respective 2016 budgets.

    1. Parish Nurse Proposal: Robin+ informed members that we still await the Diocese to make a decision on support for the program. He also noted that additional members (one from each parish) were still being sought for the Advisory Committee, which is planning on meeting in January. Names are to be forwarded to Robin+.

    1.   Youth Ministry Program: Liz referred members to her email, which provided an update on activities to-date and those planned for the near future. She reminded members that she was now working on a quarter-time basis, given her new assignment from the Bishop. The Advisory Group is meeting during the following week.

  1. Reports:

    1. Clericus: No report
    2. Fall Planning Update: Retreat planned for November 28/29 is fully booked. There will be no Advent Service this year, while a Christmas Day service will be held for the region at St. John’s at 10.30am.
    3.    Diocesan Council: Ian provided a summary of the main agenda items from the November 4, 2015 meeting:
      1. Adjustments in clergy compensation and housing allowances
      2. Update on Sorrento Centre’s Capital Campaign
      3. Continuing support for Refugee re-settlement initiatives around the Diocese
      4. Utilizing services of a Property Development company to assist on issues associated with real estate.
      5. Receiving a presentation from the Anglican Church Women, at which time they challenged the Council to match their $12,000 towards support for the resurrection of the chaplaincy position at VGH.

  1. New Business
  1. Multi-Faith Calendar: Robin+ referred members to a Multi-Faith Calendar for 2016 at a cost of $15.
  2. Theological reflection: Stephen suggested, with unanimous support, that future meetings include 10-15 minutes of biblical/spiritual discussion. Stephen volunteered to provide such at the December 10 meeting.

  1. Next Meetings: December 10 at St. Martin’s
     January 23 at St. Agnes
     February 11 at St. Clement’s

  1. Meeting adjourned, with The Grace, at 8.50pm.

All events are listed on the North Vancouver Deanery Blog Calendar  

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