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February Regional Council Minutes

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Minutes of the Regional Council of North Vancouver (Anglican and Lutheran churches)
Thursday, February 12, 2015
St. Catherine’s Anglican Church

St. Agnes:  Kathy Campbell, Stephen Muir
St. Catherine:  Christine Rowe
St. Clement:  Robin Hinnell, Lynne McNaughton
St. John:  Pat Dean, Patrick Blaney
St. Martin:  Dana Bowman, Robin Ruder-Celiz
Gloria Dei: Jim Berger, Jennifer Marlor
Capilano Archdeaconry Diocesan Council Representative and Regional Council Secretary: Ian Thomas
Regional Youth Minister: Elizabeth Ruder-Celiz

Chair:  Alison Watt

Regrets: Barry Anderson, Mt. Olivet, Dora Harvey, St. Catherine’s

  1. Welcome and introductions: Alison called the meeting to order at 7.04pm.

  1. Opening prayer – Christine Rowe

  1. Approval of Agenda:  M/S/C that the agenda be approved. Stephen volunteered to be the time keeper for the meeting.

  1. Minutes of January 8, 2015: M/S/C that the minutes of the January 8, 2015 meeting be approved as circulated.

  1. Business Arising from the Minutes of the January 8 meeting:

    1. Election of a new Chair for Regional Council – Progress Report:
Stephen reported that although having distribute an amended version of the Nomination for Chair Form, along with the Regional Council’s Vision and Mission and Terms of Reference to all members, no nominations had been received to-date. Lynne informed members that a number of people had been approached to serve, but they had all chosen not to stand at this time. The deadline remained the end of February. Lynne suggested should no one come forward in time, a member of the Strategic Planning Working Group be invited to serve as Chair for the March Regional Council Meeting with the two Bishops, with, perhaps, a rotating Chair thereafter. Council agreed with this contingency, should the need arise.

  1. Reports:

    1. Strategic Planning Working Group: Robin H, on behalf of Robin R-C, Lynne, Pat and Jim, reported that the plans for the February 14 event were in place and was confident the session would go well. He outlined a proposed schedule of events following the February 14 session:
  • Planning group to meet February 21 to produce Executive Summary #1
  • March 19 Regional Council Meeting with two Bishops for their feedback
  • Post March 19 – Planning group to meet and production of Executive Summary #2
  • April 9 Regional Council meeting to review Executive Summary #2 and Bishops’ feedback
  • Early Fall – identification of priorities for 2015-2016 and beyond.

Members were reminded to bring a parish donation ($5 per person) for Kathy to cover costs of the lunch, while Lynne asked if parishes could bring a flip chart (or two) to the event on Saturday.

There was a brief discussion and clarification as to the underlying intent behind a circulated email to all participants that week. In essence, representatives are being asked to bring their own perceptions and ideas of the mission, vision and goals for the Region over the next 3-5 years.

Thanks were afforded the Committee for the work accomplished to-date.

    1. Ministry Team: Stephen reported that Clericus had met the previous week to share information.

    1. Spiritual Development: Lynne informed members of:
      •  Neighbours of the Wilderness series – commences Saturday, February 21 1-3.30pm at St. John’s with session on LAND.  Copies of the poster for this session were circulated.  Similar posters will be circulated for each of the sessions.  Please have announcements made in church and the poster put up.
      •  Jim Berger is leading a Lenten Book study – Making Peace with the Land. First session was held Feb 9, with 15 in attendance.
      •  Lynne leads a Spiritual Practices group, discussing the book “Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life” – a group that meets the third Tuesday of each month at St. Martin’s. 14 attended the last session
      •  Christine reminded members that she is leading discussions on the Gospel of Mark, as reflected in Rowan Williams’ book – Meeting God in Mark – with first session on March 1 at noon at St. Catherine’s.
      •  Patrick had started a Regional Men’s Group, meeting on the first Saturday of each month. About 10 are currently attending, with the March meeting scheduled for Gloria Dei on March 7 at 9am.
      • The three services on Ash Wednesday will be at 7.30 am at St. Martin’s, followed by a light breakfast, Noon at St. Clement’s and at 7.30pm at Gloria Dei.

    1. Communications: Patrick informed members that he is planning a meeting with Randy Murray, the Diocesan Communications Officer, to get suggestions for a communications plan for the region.

    1. Youth Coordinator: Liz reported on the February 7 and 8 Sleepover at St. Clement’s, with 7 youth in attendance concluding with the youth leading the February 8 service (readings, homily etc). Another volunteer adult would have been helpful.
Anglican Confirmation classes will be commencing February 15, with 6-10 youth expected to be involved.

6.6 Edgemont/Capilano Working Group: Jim reported that at the recent AGM of Gloria Dei, a motion had been passed (with no discussion), to set up a small group to bring back to their members some suggestions on an ecumenical shared Ministry with St. Catherine’s.  The same motion will be considered at the St. Catherine’s Vestry meeting on 22 February.

    1. Lynn Valley Working Group: Lynne informed members that the group had not met, but at a recent Mt. Olivet parish meeting, there had been a clear division within the membership as to whether the church should establish closer ties with St. Clement’s – or not. Mt. Olivet has decided to seek a 3 year Interim Pastor.

Lynne mentioned that St. Clement’s had been approached for the use of their parking lot and church for the Lynn Valley Days event in May.

    1. Pastoral Care Working Group: Christine informed members that a Health Fair 2015 would be held at St. Catherine’s on May 9, with guest speakers on Hearing and Mental Health and a number of booths available on other health-related issues.

A January workshop on Pastoral Care attracted about 25 people – held at St. Agnes.

    1. Diocesan Council: Ian distributed Highlights of the January 21 meeting. He did mention that in the proposed new Diocesan Grant application process, representatives from the submitting church or council would have the opportunity to speak to the submission, in person.

6.10 Eco/Social Justice Working Group: Alison clarified the work of this sub-committee and that it was separate from the group working with the Metro Vancouver Alliance, even though some members of the North Shore were involved in both groups. Regional Council is not involved in issues associated with the Transit referendum or contractual issues at the Inglewood Care Centre.
  1. New Business: Dana, on behalf of St. Martin’s, expressed some concerns over an email received from the Lynn Valley Baptist Church inviting St. Martin’s to participate in the Lynn Valley Days activities and parade. Concerns were raised about “boundary” issues associated with doing this and members agreed to tread warily and avoid potential issues in other parish jurisdictions.
  1. Information Items: It was announced that the annual Joint Regional Service is scheduled be held at St. Catherine’s on May 31 and an Outdoor Regional Worship Service and Picnic to be held August 30, at a location to be determined. Christine requested the name of a contact person in each parish at the earliest opportunity to coordinate and plan for the May 31 service.

            Meeting adjourned, with The Grace, at 8.17pm.

Deadline for agenda items – March 12 – to be sent to Ian Thomas (ingthomas@shaw.ca)  The next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 19 at St. Martin’s

All events are listed on the North Vancouver Deanery Blog Calendar http://northvandeanery.blogspot.ca/  

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