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January Regional Council Minutes

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Minutes of the Regional Council of North Vancouver (Anglican and Lutheran churches)
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church

St. Agnes:  Kathy Campbell, Stephen Muir
St. Catherine:  Dora Harvey, Christine Rowe
St. Clement:  Robin Hinnell, Lynne McNaughton
St. John:  Pat Dean
St. Martin:  Dana Bowman, Robin Ruder-Celiz
Mount Olivet:  Barry Anderson
Gloria Dei: Jim Berger
Capilano Archdeaconry Diocesan Council Representative and Regional Council Secretary: Ian Thomas
Regional Youth Minister: Elizabeth Ruder-Celiz

Chair:  Alison Watt

Regrets: Jennifer Marlor and Patrick Blaney

  1. Welcome and introductions: Alison called the meeting to order at 7.02pm.

  1. Opening prayer – Robin Ruder-Celiz

  1. Approval of Agenda:  M/S/C that the amended agenda be approved, with an additional Business Arising Item 5.2 – Nominations for Regional Council Chair (Stephen Muir), an additional Business Arising Item 5.3 – Youth Ministry Funding (Stephen Muir) and an additional New Business Item 7.2 – Report to Vestries (Lynne McNaughton). Pat volunteered to be the time keeper for the meeting.

  1. Minutes of November 20, 2014: M/S/C that the minutes of the November 20m 2014 meeting be approved.

  1. Business Arising from the Minutes of the November 20 meeting:

    1. Final response from the Diocese on Application: Alison referred members to her earlier email in which she shared the motion that was passed by Diocesan Council. Ian and Lynne provided members with further detail on the process that was embarked upon to bring about the final vote and decision. The Council ultimately approved approximately 1/3 of the asked amount (i.e. $26,000) for a 1 year period only, rather than the three years requested.

Lynne provided a footnote that future grant applications, of this type, be submitted to the Diocese no later than April 30 of each year. This was identified as a problem for members, given that a parish program year was normally slated for a September 1 commencement. Ian was asked to raise this as an issue for discussion at the January 21, 2015 meeting of the Diocesan Council.

    1. Nominations for Chair of Regional Council: Stephen distributed an amended version of the Nomination for Chair Form, along with the Regional Council’s Vision and Mission and Terms of Reference. It was noted that the ‘First Meeting of Chair‘ would be March 19, rather than March 12 and the ‘newly elected Regional Council‘ would not be in place until August, rather than the stated March. It was also noted that in the Vision and Mission, where reference is made to the Anglican Church alone, that ‘Lutherans and/or the Lutheran Church‘ be added.

    1. Youth Ministry Funding: (Elizabeth Ruder-Celiz absented herself). Stephen provided members with the latest update of the state of funding support for the Youth Minister in the Region. A total of $29, 459 had been committed to-date, with an additional amount still to come from St. Catherine’s and St/ John’s to revisit their commitment. With expenses of $24,000, funding is clearly adequate for the full calendar year.

  1. Reports:

    1. Ministry Team and 6.2 Spiritual Development: Lynne informed members that the Region’s 2 Deacons are preparing for fairly imminent retirement; Stephen was deep into his doctoral studies about lay readers’ resilience to participation in times of change; Patrick’s role at St. John’s and the region continues to evolve, while Pastoral Care lays with Christine, Robin and Elizabeth and Lynne provides the spirituality leadership. It was also mentioned that Jim Berger will be leading a Book study – Making Peace with the Land - commencing the week of Ash Wednesday (Feb 9), a study incorporating 7 sessions and to be offered Monday evenings. Some felt a Saturday morning session might also be offered, but this would be a challenge for Jim to accommodate. Lynne offered St. Clement’s Upper Room as a starting location.

Christine referenced her interest in a book by Rowan Williams for a possible 3 session study – details to be developed.

Patrick had started a Regional Men’s Group, meeting on the first Saturday of each month. About 10 were in attendance at the first meeting in January

The new EFM Group is almost full.

The three services on Ash Wednesday will be at 7.30 am at St. Martin’s. Noon at St. Clement’s and at 7.30pm at Gloria Dei.

    1. Communications: No report in Patrick’s absence, but he had met with all church administrators – a meeting that was well received by all.

    1. Youth Coordinator: Liz reported on the pick-up pageant at St. Catherine’s on Advent 4, with the learnings from the event. Larger audience would be appreciated; holding it a week or so earlier in future; move it around each year to different churches; was enjoyed by all; was the only pageant for three churches; hay will not be used in future(!); perhaps combine with a regional choir event.
A sleep-over for 11-15 year olds will be held at St. Clement’s, February 7 and 8

 A sign-up sheet for Anglican Confirmation will be out next week, with the service planned      for April 26 at St. John’s, Shaughnessy. Classes will commence February 15 at St. Catherine’s and consist of 7 sessions (candidates will be expected to attend at least 5 of those sessions).

       A Family Youth Night is being planned for St. John’s, at a date to be determined

    1. Edgemont/Capilano Working Group: Looking at the next steps of their association

    1. Strategic Planning Working Group: Robin Hinnell provided the update. Plans for the February 14 event were discussed, with St. Agnes as the location and running from 9 am to 3 pm. Robin asked each community provide its names of participants by February 12, with email addresses. It is expected and hoped that materials will be distributed February 1, while Elizabeth Northcott was identified as the day’s Facilitator.

    1. Lynn Valley Working Group: Lynne informed members that she had preached at Mt. Olivet, while Barry mentioned that a strategy session was planned for the following Saturday to review the process of finding a new Pastor for their church.

    1. Diocesan Council: Ian reported that although the Council had not met since November, they had voted, electronically, on the grant application from the Regional Council. He also announced that the Diocesan/Synod Offices would be moving to St. John’s Shaughnessy this Spring from downtown.

    1. Eco/Social Justice Working Group: Alison reminded members of an upcoming 4 Saturday afternoon session program on spirituality and resources.
  1. New Business: Lenten program discussed earlier

  1. Information Items: It was announced that an introductory course on Pastoral Care was to be held at St. Agnes’ on January 24, running from 9.30-12 noon.

Lynne offered to draft an annual report on Regional Council work for each of the churches in the region and, particularly for their annual meetings, while Liz agreed to submit a Youth Report for the same purpose.

Alison thanked Ian for his work as Secretary during the year.

            Meeting adjourned, with The Grace, at 8.50pm.

Deadline for agenda items – February 5 – to be sent to Alison Watt. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, February 12 at St. Catherine’s

All events are listed on the North Vancouver Deanery Blog Calendar http://northvandeanery.blogspot.ca/  

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