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August Meeting Minutes

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St. Agnes:  Judy Brear, Stephen Muir
St. Catherine:  Dora Harvey
St. Clement:  John Stowe
St. John:  Christian de BeauprĂ©
St. Martin:  Dana Bowman
Gloria Dei:  Jim Berger, Gerhard Preibisch
Mount Olivet: Sharlene Hertz
NV Diocesan Council Representative:  Ian Thomas
Deanery Curate: Laurel Dykstra
Chair:  Alison Watt

1. Welcome/regrets: Regrets provided from Patrick Blaney, Alison Brookfield, Christine Rowe, 

Laurie Dye, Lynne McNaughton, Sarah Tweedale, Kaitilin Janko, Kathy Campbell.

2.   Opening prayer – Laurel Dykstra

3. Agenda - Agenda was approved as presented.

4.   Minutes - M/S/C that the Minutes of the July 11, 2013, meeting be adopted as circulated.

5.   Business arising from minutes - none

6.   Reports:  

6.1 Community Engagement

a. Emergency Preparedness.  Stephen Muir had suggested that Shannon Trevor-Smitha member of the Community Engagement group, should attend Regional Council to brief the Council on the possibility of the churches being involved in helping with emergencies.

Individual preparedness – there will be a workshop on Saturday 28 September at St. Agnes 10 am – 11:30 am.  This is open to any person and will focus on individual preparedness for an emergency.

Community preparedness – discussions have been initiated with the North Vancouver District and City about how the churches might be involved if and when an emergency hits the North Shore or the Lower Mainland.  The Emergency planners would be looking for the churches to provide

• Space
• Water
• Blankets

The reps on the Community Engagement Task Group will need to discuss this with each of the Parish Councils/Church Committees and a) some churches may not be suitable b) some churches may not be able to commit to being able to open their doors in an emergency as it will depend on how this can be organized and how the close the contact person is to the facility.

In discussion it was debated whether this might be a possibility for regional collaboration and support as opposed to strictly parish involvement.  Each Parish Council will have to be consulted on whether their facility is able and willing to participate.  Proximity for contact persons to the facility was also noted as important.

6.2 Youth Ministry

Interviews are being held on 17 August and there is an opportunity for members of the Ministry Team to meet with the candidates.   The process for dealing with the finances is not finalized yet, but an email will be sent to each contributing worshipping community about contributions for September to December, and when and where the first four post-dated cheques should be sent.

6.3 Ministry Team

a)  Truth and Reconciliation.

Stephen outlined all the events of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s event in Vancouver in September which can be found on the TRC website and on Reconciliation Canada’s web site.

In North Vancouver most churches will not have a Sunday service on 22 September to permit those who wish to participate and those who are able to go down town to the 8 am service at Christ Church Cathedral and/or join the walk for Reconciliation starting at around 9:30 in front of the Vancouver Public Library.

In place of normal Sunday service on 22 September, the North Vancouver Deanery will hold on Saturday evening service focused on the Truth and Reconciliation issues at St. John’s at 7:30 pm.  All are welcome

b) Deanery Program Calendar

Stephen circulated a printed version of events planned in the Deanery for the next 12 months. All these events will be on the North Vancouver Deanery Blog.

6.4 Diocesan Council

Ian indicated that there had not been a Diocesan Council meeting since the previous Regional Council meeting.  However, he noted that Diocesan Council was considering a major change in its membership and committee structure (the proposed Diocesan Council would have approximately 20 members, far fewer than the current 50+ members, and its committees would be reduced from 7 to 2.   The final proposal will go to the 2014 Synod for consideration.

6.5 Lynn Valley Working Group

John reported that St. Clement’s and Lynn Valley United Church (LVUC) are discussing the possibility of locating a portable for the LVUC Daycare on the St. Clement’s parking lot while the LVUC redevelopment takes place.

Mount Olivet hosted St. Clement’s on 4 August for Sunday service and this collaboration worked well and was very well received.

6.5 Edgemont/Capilano

Jim reported that a meeting has been held recently to discuss practical steps forward for Gloria Dei and St. Catherine’s to consider all the options that might be considered including sharing staff, programs, facilities, worship.  In the fall, presentations will be made to each congregation and the Parish Council from the other worshipping community will be present to hear the feedback. Gloria Dei is in the process of calling a pastor.  Gerhard clarified that in the ELCIC, recent graduates are called on three year contracts which are evaluated by all parties prior the end of the contract. After the evaluation a tenured call may be issued.

6.7 Eco/Social Justice Working Group

Laurel reported on Anglican participation in the Pride Parade on 4 August. 130 people attended the special Eucharist at Christ Church Cathedral prior to the parade and many took part in the parade itself.
Alison reported that the economist Robyn Allan has recently confirmed her willingness to speak on the pipelines issue in North Vancouver on 14 November.  This would be assisted if the Regional Council would agree to move its November meeting to 21 November.

M/S/C that the November meeting of the Regional Council be held on 21 November.  

(Location of the November Regional Council to be confirmed.)

7. New Business - none

8. Information

9. The meeting closed with prayer and adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Next meeting:

Thursday, September 12 at Gloria Dei Church, 1110 Gladwin Drive, North Vancouver.
Deadline for agenda items - Thursday, September 5th (to be sent to Alison Brookfield)

IMPORTANT DATES COMING UP – provide dates of events and meetings to Mike Nelson and

Stephen Muir

September 16-21 - Truth and Reconciliation sessions (TRC)

September 18 – North Vancouver Deanery-led service at St. David’s of Wales, Vancouver 6 pm

September 21 – Cupcake Delivery to PNE for TRC

September 22 – Walk for Reconciliation

September 28 - Emergency Preparedness workshop at St. Agnes 10 – 11:30 am

October 19 - Regional Session on Discerning Gifts

All Deanery events are listed on the North Vancouver Deanery Blog Calendar

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