Monday, 30 September 2013

Fall Youth Event

We are scheduled to hold a Fall youth Event!

Who: Youth of all ages
What: Dinner, games, worship, & pumpkin carving
Where: St. Catherine's Anglican Church
When: Sunday, October 27th from 4pm until 6:30
Why: to get to know one another
How: each parish will be responsible for contributing to the evening

We will start at 4pm with some Ice-Breakers & Getting-To-Know-You Games.
We'll have a competition to Name the North Vancouver Regional Youth Ministry.
We'll have Dinner at 5pm.
We'll have an Evening Prayer Service at 6pm and then go home!

We need each church to volunteer to provide for different aspects of the afternoon. Volunteers can be parents, youth, and/or other interested parties. There are seven jobs and seven churches so that works out nicely.

We need:
dinner (maybe spaghetti & sauce)
dessert (fruit? pumpkin pie? cookies?)
beverages (juice? milk? maybe no pop?)
set-up (maybe St. Catherine's should take this on as the host church)
pumpkins for carving

Food should mostly be prepared in the kitchen at the church. We will have access earlier in the afternoon if necessary.

I (Rev. Andrew Halliday) have, as of October 1, received only partial contact information for the youth in the region. This means that clergy and youth leaders (and other interested parties) must take responsibility for contacting the youth in their churches. Put it in the leaflet! Make some phone calls! Send some texts! I will create a poster and drop one off at each parish in the next week.

This is so exciting! I can't wait to get everyone in the same room at the same time.

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