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December Regional Council Minutes

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Minutes of the Regional Council of North Vancouver (Anglican and Lutheran churches)
Thursday, December 12, 2013
St. Agnes’ Church 

St. Agnes:  Kathy Campbell, Stephen Muir
St. Catherine:  Laurie Dye, Christine Rowe
St. Clement:  
St. John:  Alison Brookfield, Patrick Blaney
St. Martin:  Darlene Clark
Gloria Dei:  Jim Berger
Mount Olivet:
NV Diocesan Council Representative: Ian Thomas
Youth Coordinator:
Chair:  Lynne McNaughton

  1. Welcome/regrets: Regrets from Alison Watt, Katalin Janko, Barbara Meyer, Gerhard Preibisch, Sarah Tweedale, John Stowe, Laurel Dykstra and Andrew Halladay.

2.   Opening prayer – Lynne McNaughton

3. Agenda - Agenda was approved as amended.

4.   Minutes - M/S/C that the Minutes of the November 21, 2013, meeting be adopted as amended.

5.   Business arising from minutes
Stephen Muir advised that the two regional representatives on the St. Martin’s canonical committee are Alison Brookfield, St. John’s, and Shannon Trevor-Smith, St. Agnes’.  

6.   Reports: 
6.1 Ministry Team
Lynne McNaughton reported that Clericus and the Ministry Team met to discuss program planning, youth ministry and process for evaluating regional positions.  Lynne has met with Peter Elliott to discuss the clergy position at St. Martin’s and future funding of regional positions. Lynne advised that Sunday, January 26th will be a pulpit exchange in the region.  

For the January Council meeting, the goal is to review the Ministry Plan.  Lynne asked Regional Council members to reflect on the following for the Ministry Plan- what has been accomplished and what would you dream about being accomplished in the future?

ACTION:  Schedule time in January for Regional Council input into the evaluation process of regional positions and Ministry Plan. Chairs of Regional Council committees to provide Lynne with a paragraph for the Regional Annual Report by January 6th for review at the January Council meeting prior to providing to Vestries.

6.2 Youth and Family Ministry
Stephen Muir circulated and reviewed a revised 2014 budget for the regional youth coordinator position.  With the funds from worshipping communities and Diocesan grant of $10,000 (requested amount was $16,000), the position would be for a 10 month half time contract.   

Priorities for Andrew in the next three months include:
  • Christmas Pageant – December 22 at Gloria Dei
  • 11 to 13 year olds – sleepovers at St. Clement’s
  • Apres ski worship – St. Agnes’
  • Youth involvement in Sound of Music – St. John’s
  • Fabulous Fridays – St. Martin’s
  • Open Gym – St. Catherine’s

ACTION:   Vestries to invite Andrew to annual meetings to speak about the youth ministry.

6.3 Edgemont/Capilano
Jim Berger reported that a joint council meeting between St. Catherine’s and Gloria Dei was held and chaired by Tasha Carrothers.  Four working groups have been set up - program, worship, staffing and facilities – and will report back at the second meeting on Thursday, January 23rd. The group has been meeting monthly throughout 2013 and there is optimism in the process.

Laurie Dye spoke to Peter Elliott about the process underway and it was received positively.  A letter needs to be written by St. Catherine’s clergy and wardens to seek the advice and permission of the bishop on next steps.

6.4 Lynn Valley Working Group
Patrick Blaney stated that the group is still waiting for a detailed response from the District of North Vancouver regarding the proposal to have a portable at St. Clement’s for the Lynn Valley United daycare relocation.

There will be a joint parish council meeting between St. Clement’s and Mount Olivet in January.

6.5 Community Engagement
Patrick Blaney recommended that the area of focus for his regional ministry be changed from Community Engagement to Congregational Development (bringing people into churches).  This has implications for the St. Martin’s canonical process and ministry team roles.  Christine asked about the terms of the diocesan grants for regional positions and the opportunity to change.

Patrick will be picking up all the items for the Youth Safe House prior to Christmas.

ACTION: Patrick to meet with Lynne to discuss his regional role.

6.6 Eco Social Justice Working Group
Lynne McNaughton advised that the committee continues to work with the Metro Vancouver Alliance (MVA).  An inter-faith meeting is planned for January 20th in the evening.   

St Catherine’s held a meeting to explore a set of questions from MVA to find out the community concerns at the grassroots level. This will assist in setting two main priorities for the Metro Vancouver region.

ACTION: St. John’s and St. Martin’s to provide the name of a representative to Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles for the next Eco Social Justice meeting.  Lynne to contact Andrew to coordinate providing responses to the MVA questions from all worshipping communities.   

6.7 Diocesan Council
Lynne McNaughton reported that Diocesan Council met on December 10th.  An evaluation of the electoral process for a bishop initiated by Peter Elliott was discussed.  Lynne provided a report on General Synod.  Also discussed in small groups were the following topics: Artaban (needs to come up with a viable business model), Sorrento (capital campaign for youth ministry) and camping ministry.  Resolutions will be presented on these topics in January.
St. John’s requested and received matching grant funding of $35,000 for debt reduction.

7. New Business
7.1 Canonical Process for St. Martin’s – Regional profile
Jim Berger circulated an abbreviated version of the regional profile for review.  The document will be updated with the addition of the Regional blog address. Discussion ensued on seeking clarity on “Ministry Centres” which is language from the original Ministry Plan. The incoming priest at St. Martin’s would have a regional ministry team role as part of the 75%. In addition, discussion is underway with the diocese to explore a regional ministry role for 25% funding.
ACTION: Jim Berger will make further updates to the regional profile and send it to Lynne McNaughton to forward to the St. Martin’s Canonical Committee.

8. Information
8.1 Worshipping communities spoke to their upcoming events (listed below).

9. Other business -none

10. The meeting closed with prayer and adjourned at 9:10 pm.

Next meeting:
Thursday, January 9th at St. Catherine’s Church, 1058 Ridgewood Drive, North Vancouver

Deadline for agenda items - Thursday, January 2nd

IMPORTANT DATES COMING UP – provide dates of events and meetings to Mike Nelson and Stephen Muir
December 14 - Cookies and Carols, 7 to 9 pm at St. Agnes Church Hall
December 15 - Regional Service of Lessons & Carols, 7 pm at St. Martin’s
December 17 – Christmas Dinner, 5 pm at North Lonsdale United (Sharing Abundance)
December 18 – Blue Christmas service, 7:30 pm at St. John’s
December 22 – Regional Christmas Pageant, 4 pm, Gloria Dei
December 25 – Regional Christmas Day service, 10 am, St. Catherine’s
January 11 – Stewardship Team Support Day, 9 am to noon at St. Agnes’
February 1 - Really Important Planning (RIP) – Planning your own Funeral  – St. Agnes’

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