Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Eco/Social Justice Annual Report 2013

The Eco/Social Justice group has continued to meet and work this year on these issues:
  • Metro Vancouver Alliance – the group is now a member of the MVA and is participating in a listening campaign to identify key issues around which to plan a non-partisan advocacy program to effect change.
  • Members of the group made a Banner and took it to several events, including the TRC Walk.
  • Idle no More Statement approved by the Eco/Social Justice group
  • Stands for Housing - The group and individual members participated in efforts to raise the profile about the need for affordable housing
  • Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  Members were involved in all aspects of the TRC Vancouver event, including the All Nations Canoe Gathering, Sunrise ceremonies, witnessing, the birthday celebration with 500 cupcakes made, delivered and distributed, and the memorable Sunday walk.
  • Vancouver Pride Parade - Sunday 4th August.  Group members participated in the liturgy, brunch and parade with other Anglicans from the diocese.
  • Members of the group attended several lower mainland rallies, events and demonstrations including the Vancouver Anti-Racism March, a Langley event against the deportation of Salvadoran Jose Figeroa.
  • Robyn Allan spoke at November 2013 event organized by the group on the Economic cost and Risk of the Pipelines proposed for BC.  Members also participated in the gathering to protest the Enbridge Pipeline in November.
  • The group compiled questions for the Episcopal candidates, received and circulated responses.
  • We are currently working on expanding the Eco/Social Justice group to interested individuals in our own and other faith communities.  Please contact your church office if you would like to be involved.

More information on the North Vancouver Regional website

Respectfully submitted by the Eco/Social Justice Group: Gail Berger, Laurel Dykstra, Marion Edwards, Elizabeth Mathers, Lynne McNaughton, Christine Rowe, Chris Trendell, Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles, Alison Watt, and Penny Connell [until September 2013 when she moved to the Sunshine coast].  


  1. Re the Illegal Border Crossers in Manitoba and Quebec :

    Please read the following :


    Daniel Murray
    Immigration Watch Canada

  2. I am a member of LIFE - Livable Income for Equality, which like the North Shore Social Justice Working Group is an affiliate of Metro Vancouver Alliance. We are a diverse group advocating a guaranteed dignified income for all citizens. We are looking for anti-poverty organizations to dialogue about our message.

    The NDP and Greens have committed to organizing basic income pilots in BC in the first budget, following Ontario's lead. We want to ensure our version of guaranteed livable income is taken into account by the government, backed by the community.

    Would we be able to meet with members of your Social Justice Group to discuss the subject to elicit feedback from them and any possible solidarity?

    Included is a link to our website outlining our position, and two national and international basic income proponents.


    Marv Wheale