Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Education for Ministry Program

The North Vancouver Region Education for Ministry program which started in Fall 2011 continued in 2013 with Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles as the mentor.  Our group grew from six to ten people this year with members from St. Clement's, St. Catherine's, St. John’s and St. Andrew’s United Church.   In January 2014 two more members are joining us from Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and one of our members is taking a year out so there will be 11 students in total.   Rev. Judith Hardcastle, minister of St. Andrew’s United Church has kindly provided meeting space for us again.  We meet on Wednesday evenings, first with worship, then with study (and a mid-evening break).   We are most grateful and give thanks to Andrew for his dedication to this ministry.

Some people find the title of the program “Education for Ministry” misleading.  EfM is for anyone interested in studying our faith, and how that study might influence our understanding – and practice – of the “ministry” of all the baptized.  Most of us are not contemplating a career in the ordained ministry – we are in the program for our own interest and spiritual development.  

Respectfully submitted,

EfM group

January 2014

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